Mosquito Spraying will be between May & September 2024 from 7:00 pm - 11:00 pm weather permitting. Spraying can not be done during periods of 10+ winds or during rain.
Remember it's getting that time for Fire Works. Here is the the ordinance pertaining to Fire Works: Article II - Fireworks

Utility Report-2023

Kimberly Smith is originally from MIchigan. She moved to Texas in 2008 with her two children. She has worked in local government since 1998. She has served as a Deputy Clerk, Deputy Treasurer, 2nd Assistant Auditor, City Secretary, and Senior Accountant. Kimberly received here Texas Municipal Clerk Certification in January 2019 from Texas Municipal Clerk's Association. She received her Master Municipal Clerk Certification in April 2023 from the International Institute of Municipal Clerk's. This is nationwide and only 14,000 clerk's hold this certification. She then received her 1st Recertification in January 2024 from Texas Municipal Clerk's Association.Kimberly starTed with the City of Gilmer in November 2021 as the City Secreatry. She brings great knowledge and education to our little town.